Helping little minds thrive

From the Founder | February 2019

Hi there,

Well, here we are.  The first ever newsletter.

I’m really excited (and a little nervous) to be sending this out. 

Through these newsletters we want to help parents feel good about the choices they make for baby.  A move toward guilt-free parenting.  Whether that’s by cutting through all the overwhelming parenting advice out there with our blog Cut the (baby) Crap, by reviewing products that claim to support development, or posting simple things you can do to help little bubba thrive.

I’m also keen to share some of the behind-the-scenes with you.  The ups and downs of starting a business as a new parent.  Milk blisters and all.

And as a start, I thought I’d share little bit about who I am, how I came to be here, and how NURTURE came about.

Ten years ago my journey started out at the UCL Institute of Child Health and Great Ormond Street Hospital, where I trained and practiced as a neuroscientist for seven years.  I worked with hundreds of families, investigating how the brain develops during childhood using all sorts of fancy imaging tech.

Driven by a desire to share the wonder of what I was learning, I moved into public engagement.  From exhibitions, to festivals, to bar nights, I designed experiences that to get people talking - openly and confidently - about the brain and mental health.

Six months pregnant, when the idea for NURTURE was born.

Six months pregnant, when the idea for NURTURE was born.

And then - in 2017 - my life changed.  I had my first child.  Little Dorothy Olive turned my life upside down in the most wonderful of ways. 

I personally found early parenthood a really innovative time - I was suddenly faced with so many new problems to solve.  And for me, one of the main frustrations was the overwhelming volume of contradictory and bad advice out there.  It confused me, and left me feeling rubbish about whatever decision I did finally make. As a scientist, it made me angry that there wasn’t more use of the evidence out there.

I was also disappointed with a lot of the products on offer.  So many looked stylish but had zero consideration for baby’s development.  Where are all the beautiful and meaningful products?

It got me thinking how great it would be if a neuroscientist started a brand for babies and parents – taking their knowledge out of the lab and into the home, to help little minds thrive.  A brand that had real scientific credibility.

And there it was.  NURTURE was born. 

I was 6 months pregnant then.  And I’m 6 month pregnant now, as I press send on this first ever newsletter. 

It feels like a big milestone, but we have a lot further to go.  Through these From the Founder updates I’m excited to share our journey with you.  I hope you’ll keep checking in to see how we’re doing, and maybe even get involved with us yourself. 

And if you like it, we hope you will share it.

Best wishes,


Mama, Neuroscientist, Founder