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Nurture mobile is out now!

Say hello to NURTURE Mobile, with an exclusive 20% off and free tote for subscribers in March!

The only mobile to change with your baby across the first year of life.  Our inter-changeable orbs support the development of contrast sensitivity at birth, colour vision at three months, and depth perception at six months.

Every element has been informed by over 50 years of neuroscientific research.  The black and white central grids stimulate the earliest stages of visual processing in the primary visual cortex, while moving parts provide a kaleidoscopic view for baby, supporting the development of eye tracking and motion perception.

Hang our mobile above the cot, changing table or favourite comfy spot to give baby a stimulating view that will have baby kicking away with glee (and give you 10 precious minutes to enjoy a cup of tea in peace – you can thank us later).

All of our mobiles are hand crafted by hand&machine in their Yorkshire workshop, and then carefully packaged in our home-based studio in London.  We use sustainable materials wherever possible.

The perfect special gift for new parents, and the perfect accessory for your newly decorated nursery. 😊


For your exclusive 20% discount and free tote, enter code NURTUREFRIEND at the checkout before the end of the month.

We are super keen to hear from our first customers and would love to feature you on our website and social.  If you’re up for reviewing the product please do give us a shout by saying

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