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Reflecting on Brain Awareness Week

brain awareness week

This week is Brain Awareness Week.  A global celebration of the wonder that is our brain.  A range of events and activities, from public lectures to art exhibitions, aim to recognise the value of brain research to everyday lives and societal challenges.  Find out more from the DANA Foundation.

As a Neuroscientist I’ve obviously always found the brain absolutely fascinating – it’s what drove me to study in the first place.  But it wasn’t until I became a mother in 2017 that I really experienced the absolute wonder of the developing brain.  It didn’t matter how much I’d read on the subject, or that I’d investigated the developing brain using different types of fancy brain scanners for over five years.  Watching my little one soak in the world and change day by day was like watching the most perfectly tuned process unravel before me.

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