Helping little minds thrive

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When I was pregnant with my first little one, I started looking around for the perfect baby mobile for our newly decorated nursery. 

As a neuroscientist, I knew monochrome would be the most stimulating for little newbie in the first few weeks of life.  But as a design-conscious parent, I also wanted something that would look good.  I couldn’t find what I was looking for anywhere.  So, I decided to make my own. 

…and it got me thinking.  Why don’t more brands create products for babies based on real neuroscientific evidence? 

NURTURE was born.

Here at NURTURE we want to help build a world where all babies get off to the best start.

During the first year of life the environment literally shapes the way your little one’s brain develops.  There is never a more precious time to fill their world with stimulating experiences.

We share no-crap evidence with parents, and develop neuroscience-informed baby products to help little minds thrive.

Well, that’s the hope.

We are a small brand with big ideas, just starting off on our adventure.  We hope you will love our ethos and products as much as we do, and that the science we share will make your own adventures in parenthood just that little bit smoother, and perhaps a little more enjoyable too.

All the best for the journey.


Mama, Founder, Neuroscientist